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Best-Selling Horror Author Whitley Strieber Tackles New & Novel Ideas

Whitley Strieber straw hatNY Times Best-Selling horror novelist Whitley Strieber talks about what it is like to publicly expose his real out-of-this-world experiences while trying to maintain a career as a novelist. And then… the out-of-this-world happens….


Free Space Has Launched!

Free Space Front Cover


Free Space: The Real Life Story of a Bingo Queen tells the story of Norm Plumber, a lovable jerk who decides to do a documentary on a bingo hall called The Bingo Palace as a soul-searching journey. There, he meets ex-stripper Mandy-Alise whose goal in life is to be crowned queen of bingo. She allows him to follow her around for a day and he discovers that to find his soul, he has to crush her spirits.

Author Jeremy Vaeni Launches New Mashup Style of Book Series

Author Jeremy Vaeni Launches New Mashup Style of Book Series
“Free Space: The Real Life Story of a Bingo Queen” is a mock-documentary comedy set in a trashy bingo parlor. But it’s also the springboard for an entirely new genre-bending concept in storytelling.

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No Escape… From Denial and The Donald

Free Space Poster

Free Space Book Trailer

B Greats You Might Have Missed: Week Four

Okay, okay! This may not be the fourth consecutive week, but it’s not as though anyone is actually paying attention to this, right? So with that semi excuse out of the way, make a room for next…. Continue reading “B Greats You Might Have Missed: Week Four”

Rest Rowdily, Roddy Piper

Being an American kid in the 80s I was fortunate enough to believe in Santa Claus longer than I believed in Ronald Reagan. So, even back then, it came as no surprise when director John Carpenter said of his B classic They Live–a movie literally about a man who, when he puts on a special pair of sunglasses, can see the truth that underneath the skin of yuppies lies a hideous race of aliens taking over the world David Jacobs-style –it’s about republicans. Continue reading “Rest Rowdily, Roddy Piper”

Rutger Hauer – Ten Minute Film Class

The subtitles are hit-or-miss but the lesson is solid. For anyone out there looking to make an el cheapo flick with little knowledge of the essentials, start here:

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