Every yearEvery now and again When I’m bored I like to make prophetic leaps that inevitably come true. Or will. Just wait. Here are five for 2017….

718457_630x354Myspace Selfie Drone App

Myspace will reinvent itself yet again with the Myspace Selfie Drone App. This app will fly your smart phone to just the right angle above your face, erasing that double chin, and leaving plenty of room for whatever outrageous tongue pose you have in mind. It will then snap several photos and send the one with the best lighting straight to your Myspace page. When you’ve created 3 minutes and 35 seconds worth of photos, Myspace will automatically create an album for you with a musical bed performed by any number of shitty indie bands you’ve never heard of, chosen at random, and/or Justin Timberlake. Sadly, this reinvention will not lead to a migration back to Myspace but will…

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