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Paul Melniczek’s collection of Halloween tales rocks. It’s a diverse lineup of stories, all of which are well written and all of which really capture the vibe of Halloween. Though a relatively unknown piece of work, A Haunted Halloween is more than worth your time!

You can order the book right here. Check out the cover and synopsis below!


Synopsis: Halloween. The name itself conjures up a witch’s brew of images. Leering Jack-O-Lanterns sitting on porches, costumed children trick-or-treating across suburban neighborhoods, skeletal trees marking the passage of another season, and lonely fields of corn swaying gently in a chill, autumn breeze. But there is also a darker side to this magical night, one which can breathe life into things which were only possibility, and sculpt them into dreadful reality. Every home has at least one closet which harbors a skeleton. There’s a house in every town with a morbid…

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